Our Dedication is like a Soldier: Bhagwan Sahay

Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram National Level Workshop on Urban activities

One of the important verticals of Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram (VKA) is activities in the urban area. This selfless service in urban areas is carried out by respective teams (samiti) in those cities. To guide all the team members for betterment of the work, a national level workshop was arranged at Bhagynagar (Hyderabad-Telangana). The team members were delighted to have VKA mentor Shri. Somayyajulu, Shri. Kishanlal Bansal (Guardian -Urban activities, Mumbai), Shri. Shankarlal Agrawal (National President-Urban activities, Kolkata) and Shri. Bhagwan Sahay (Co-President, Delhi). This 2-day workshop had representation from 21 states (prant) with 81 men and 20 women volunteers.
During the inauguration session, Bhagwan Sahay mentioned that dedication of VKA volunteers is like that of a solider. Our love & affection towards our motherland has inspired us to be part of this work. National president for Urban activities, Shri Shankalal Agrawal, highlighted importance of three S in VKA work: Sampark (Networking / Contacts), Sangathan (Organizational structure) and Sahayog (Cooperation). It’s responsibility of all volunteers to make the society aware of all the activities which are bringing positive change in the janjati society. Shri. Kishanlal Bansal reiterated that this vertical of Urban activities is the backbone of VKA work. Shri. Pranay Dutta mentioned that we should honor the people in janjati areas who are untiringly working for preservation of cultural and religious traditions. All the volunteers were excited to hear Smt. Seema Rustogi who briefed about the activities carried out by Women’s wing in Kolkata. She explained about three categories of volunteers and their importance in VKA activities – Regular volunteers, Volunteers making themselves available during special programs or functions and those volunteers who are gathering resources for activities. Shri. Gopal Kesari from Bengaluru highlighted the importance of involvement of youth in VKA activities. This highly energetic age group can a be a good resource for documenting VKA activities, various academic and non-academic counselling to vanavsi students & families etc.
During the concluding session, Shri. Somayyajulu mentioned that two different ideologies are working currently – National and anti-national. The anti-national ideology is creating confusion and disturbance in the society. Demand for a separate religious code from few janjati people is the outcome of such anti-national activities. He quoted Saint Ramdas wherein it’s mentioned that you need to keep on visiting and meeting people to continue the work. If you stop this, the work will be no longer continued. And for the same reason, VKA volunteer should reach every small village in janjati area and urban society as well.

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